How Reality Based Home Improvement Shows Have Greatly Impacted Americans

Ten years ago television shows about home remodeling or decorating were not really seen that much. The Learning Channel’s show, Trading Spaces was one of the first reality based decorating and remodeling shows to come out where friends or neighbors switched homes and decorated a room in their neighbors home on a limited budget in a limited time frame with the help of a Naperville contractor or Naperville contractors. This became wildly popular and created a huge market for these type of shows that are so evident now.

There are now so many remodeling and home decorating shows on cable television you can find one in just about every area of the home like the landscaping, staging a home to sell the home, changing the colors of a home, redoing a room on a tight budget or working only on the exterior of a home. These themes can all be found mainly on two channels, HGTV, also known as the Home & Garden TV and TLC, also known as the Learning Channel.

These shows have had a great impact on many homeowners, often ones that have never had any design or remodeling experience before but after seeing an episode are confident that they too can take on a home improvement project. When viewers were asked what their favorite part of these reality design shows were it was the incredible change they witness in the before and after in such a short period of time. It helps them to believe that they too can have such a big transformation in a short period of time.

Some shows have been greatly popular in the past year especially due to the struggling economy. Decorating Cents and Design on a Dime are two shows on HGTV that help show viewers how to redo a room on a very limited budget. They use resale shops and warehouse places that sell architectural pieces at huge discounts for the items used in the new room. They also help the homeowners make a lot of their own artwork as well as drapes, bedding and pillows from inexpensive fabrics. Another big tip they teach on these shows is to use MDF wood which is a lot less expensive than other types of wood if you are constructing something that will be painted or covered in fabric. It will save a huge amount of money. Most of the time the budget is anywhere from $500 to $1000 for a completely new look for a room.

One very popular show that is not a how to format but rather one that pulls at the viewer’s heartstrings is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This takes a well deserving family in desperate need of new living conditions and completely builds a brand new home in a matter of just one week. This show has the strong message of giving back to the less fortunate as well as just giving to others in your community. This is very popular and often produces many tears from just one episode.

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The Best Home Improvement Shows

It used to be that the term “Home Improvement Shows” garnered images of Bob Villa, standing in an old house, describing every action as he hammered. While these types of shows were highly informative, they weren’t busting with entertainment appeal: if not for the pounding of the hammer, you might have fallen asleep.

Nowadays it’s different; home improvement shows aren’t only concerned with being educational, they are also concerned with being fun to watch: they want to touch on emotion as much as they want to touch on intellect. For these reasons, the home improvement shows of yore have all but gone away, and the home improvement shows of today are improving television ratings.

The following is our list of the best home improvement shows, shows that hit the entertainment nail on the head.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, ABC: In its third year of Prime Time exposure, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is seeing extreme success. A show that takes the houses of struggling families – families struggling because of health problems, impoverishment, or natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina – and makes them into architectural and designer masterpieces, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition leaves us all wondering what we would do if we had endless money, and a crew of hundreds. On an unselfish front, this show also tugs on our heart strings, leaving us joyful that the burden of a struggling family has been somewhat lessened. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is the only home improvement show that can routinely make us cry.

Design on a Dime, HGTV: All of us want to remodel, redo, redecorate, but not all of us have the resources. For those of us without tens of thousands of dollars to spend on home improvement, Design on a Dime is singing our song. Design on a Dime features a team of designers who take a budget of a thousand dollars and do wonders to a house. This show shows us that a regular old boring room can be turned into one with flair and appeal without spending great amounts of money. Sure, you might not be able to design on literally a dime, but you might be surprised at how frugally you can fix up your house.

Trading Spaces, Discovery Home: Dueling banjos meets home improvement, Trading Spaces is a show that allows two sets of people to redecorate one room in the other’s house. With each set of people having only two days of decorating, and a budget of just a thousand dollars, Trading Spaces is a great show for people who need quick, cheap decorating ideas. Though the show grants each set of people a carpenter and a designer – two things you might not exactly have lying around – it is still a show that sparks creativity in the person who knows they want to improve their house, but isn’t sure how.

Toolbelt Diva, Discovery Home: I am woman hear me roar, or at least hear me pour cement. Toolbelt Diva is a show that teaches us all that home improvement isn’t just for the boys. A do-it-yourself program hosted by Norma Vally, this show is aimed at encouraging women to take the bull by the horns: it grants women power…tools. Enlightening, entertaining, and educational, Toolbelt Diva shows the world that you can engage in home improvement and have a uterus….all at the same time.

Home Improvement, Now in Syndication: Sure, the show Home Improvement – with Tim Allen wrecking havoc on just about anything he touches – is definitely more of a show on how to destroy your house than one on how to repair it, but it makes our list for one reason: it brings heart and comedy to the usually boring concept of fixing up a house. A show that aired on ABC from 1991 to 1999, Home Improvement, eight years later, still has a unique way of bringing out the handyman in all of us.

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Get Great Ideas For A Home Makeover From TV Home Improvement Shows

Now that we have satellite or DISH TV, with hundreds of channels there is virtually limitless information available on almost any subject matter and home improvement TV shows are no exception with many different styles of passing on their information. Some are actual arts and crafts type channels and some are total home improvement make over shows. I’m a guy and I even get into these. It’s kind of cool to see how a project starts out and see the finished project in thirty minutes or an hour. HGTV is one such show and it’s my wife’s favorite. We could probably get by with that and ESPN and we would be just fine! You also see the Discovery channel offering lots of different types of home improvement shows and they are all very good and informative, although some can be a little on the boring side.

The craft style of home improvement TV shows is mainly aimed at older viewers who have an interest in woodwork and similar crafts. They usually show detailed instructions for restoring and creating new and wonderful things that you could use to improve your home with. There are also types of shows that are challenge style types so there are usually two teams battling it out for success and who ever has the best modification or has created the best craft wins. The prizes vary but often it isn’t for anything major. These types of shows are the boring ones I mentioned, at lest they are to me!

Then there are also the make over home improvement TV shows, they feature specific rooms such as bathrooms bedrooms or sitting rooms which get a complete makeover from top to bottom, paint and furniture. They bring in a team of designers while the husband of the owner sends her away on a trip for a little while and have the surprise for her coming back which is great. Sometimes they send the whole family away for a little vacation! The really cool thing about these shows is that they show you all different kind of ways to spruce up your home with very little effort and money. Sometimes they even feature a whole house being totally redone!

Home improvement TV shows are becoming very common and are popular with young and old viewers alike. They are a great source of helpful and handy tips, advice and information on what is necessary to create that stunning home we have always wanted with minimal costs and effort plus they also show things that can go wrong which helps to prepare you for these things as well.

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